EC Stack Review – Is It An Effective Fat Burner?

An EC stack contains both Ephedrine and Caffeine and is used to help burn fat.

Ephedrine is a herb that has been widely used in China for the past 5000 years to treat asthma and hayfever.

Caffeine is obviously found in coffee tea and cocoa beans amongst others. Caffeine, in coffee, is one of the most popular stimulants in the World used by millions of people each day.

Ephedrine can help you burn fat as it increases the levels of adrenaline in the body thus it mimics your body’s natural fight or flight response. This includes increasing your rate of perspiration, your heart rate and blood flow to your heart, muscles and brain. This is all designed to increase your energy levels in order to increase your chance of survival. Ephedrine may also have the ability to suppress your appetite and during time periods of caloric deficits seems to aid in retaining muscle tissue.

Caffeine has many similar effect to that of ephedrine, it just does so by an alternative pathway, without going into detail caffeine will help with fat loss due to increased thermogenesis and energy levels.

EC stacks have been proven in the vast majority of studies to help with the goal of fat loss. Mixtures of both caffeine and ephedrine are also safe and won’t damage your health.

Since both caffeine and ephedrine uses different pathways to achieve similar effects there is a synergy between them and so when used together  will yield increased results compared to when they are used in isolation.

In terms of dosage, The most commonly used ratio of caffeine and ephedrine is in a ratio of 10 to 1 as in for every 10 parts of caffeine you use 1 part ephedrine. In terms of dosage amount this will obviously very upon the individual although an average dose may typically start at 150mg caffeine and 15mg ephedrine 2-3 times daily.

You may have to reduce the quantity you take if you are or find yourself sensitive to the EC stack and then adjust accordingly depending on your tolerances.

You should also take into account that since these are stimulants you shouldn’t take them past late afternoon as it may hinder your ability to fall asleep.

Ephedrine has often be labelled as a dangerous substance particularly by the media however this isn’t back up by any research. All the latest research has shown it to be safe with no real side effects whilst still be an effective tool to lose weight.

However, if you have any medical conditions such as heart disease, pregnant, high blood pressure then you should stay clear of an EC stack as it could cause problems. For healthy individuals you should stay within the recommended dosing and there shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall an EC stack is a great fat loss tool that can help you burn some extra calories. It shouldn’t be used as a crutch to burn fat but as an additional extra to burn those last few problem areas.


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